So I guess this page is for me to tell you all about me. Hmm, where do we start… I think I’ll just list a bunch of random facts about me.

  • I am penguin5689.
  • I am from Westfield, MA.
  • I graduated from Westfield Vocational Technical High School in 2015.
  • I am a nursing assistant and home health aide.
  • I am a Biology major at Westfield State University. I was a Movement Science major. I do plan on keeping it as a minor. I also plan on completing a Chemistry minor and a General Science minor, as well.
  • I do like to write, and you can read some of my work on Wattpad, Fictionpress, and Fanfiction.net.
  • I really do like making lists by the way.
  • My favorite color is Purple, but I do also like the color green. It’s a nice color this time of year.
  • My three NaNoWriMo projects are Night of the Living Chainsaw, Walmart: A Dangerous Place and Danger Carries a Cane. 
  • I plan on publishing Danger Carries a Cane at some point.
  • I like to scroll on Twitter for hours on end.
  • I really wish I could just copy and paste my bio from Fanfiction.net. It’s really long and has a lot of copy and paste thingies in it.
  • I am obsessed with the following shows: The Penguins of Madagascar, All Hail King Julien, Finding Bigfoot, Dateline, Vikings.
  • Favorite food: white rice and/or chicken flavored rice. I like both.
  • I do not like peas… Nor will I ever!
  • I like to own cacti.
  • I love making things out of duct tape. I made a tissue box out of duct tape and I used clean, unused, straight out of the package, toilet paper for the tissues.
  • I still have a December 2016 calendar hanging on my door, and sometimes I think it’s the current month we’re in.
  • I love my current job, but some days I just want to walk out and quit because of what they put us through (i.e. working shorthanded, not having enough supplies, wanting us to do everything and not having the staff to do it, lying). I love my residents, and if I leave, I know that they won’t be getting the care they deserve.
  • At first, I thought this list was going to turn into a poem…
  • I absolutely love kitty cats, but sadly I am allergic to them. Not like severely allergic, but like runny nose, sneezing, and itchy, red eyes.
  • I like to draw, but I suck at it.
  • I like to try the food they give my residents at work, and believe me, it sucks. They were giving out sandwiches on the snack cart last night. They looked like egg salad, but they did not taste like it. I’ve complained about the food so many times.
  • I will most likely come up with a posting schedule for y’all, which will soon be posted, probably on this page. I haven’t decided yet.
  • If anyone actually reads this page, it has been quite awhile since I updated it, and I am no longer at the sucky nursing home. The nursing home I am at now is pretty awesome. Although, they as well have staffing problems, they are still so much better and nicer than the last place I was at. (Added on 03/26/2018).

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