How To Tuesday: Filling Your Stapler

Hello and welcome to a very hot and humid Tuesday. Fun Fact: This is the second Tuesday in the month of June! Woohoo! That means only two more Tuesday left in June, and then it’s July. This month is going by so fast. With it being very hot today, I figured I show you a very simple DIY, and by judging the title of today’s post I think you all might have a clue as to what it’s going to by about. Yup, you guessed it! How to fill your stapler with staples. It’s a fairly easy thing to do.

Before I begin, I would like to share with you come random facts about staplers, which I found here.

  • According to the website I found, staplers were said to be invented by King Louis XV of France around the 1700s, and it says that the staples would have the royal insignia engraved in them.
  • The staples are typically made of metal.
  • ‘Staplers’ are also known as ‘staple binders’, ‘stapling machines’, ‘paper fasteners’, and ‘staple drivers’.
  • The style of the one created by George McGill in New York in 1879 was the one to become a financial success and is similar to the modern hand operated Stapler.
  • Staplers are common at work, school, and even in a hospital.
  • There are special staplers that can staple skin together.

Step 1 of filling your stapler. Gather materials. For this DIY, you will need the stapler, of course, and staples. See, easy. Two ingredients. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Step 2. Grasp the top black part and the silver part directly beneath it.

staplers 2

Step 3. Pull the two pieces apart to open the stapler.

staplers 3

Step 4. Hold the stapler open while you place more staples inside. Sometimes the staples you buy may be in a strip that is longer than your stapler. You can just break off the extra, and place them back in the box.

staplers 4

staplers 5

Step 5. Close the stapler. You will have to push the two pieces together to be certain that it is closed properly.

Step 6. All set.

staplers 8

Bonus Step. If you have to use the stapler on a bulletin board, pull the bottom piece that contains the anvil and the top piece that holds the staples apart. To close, push the back together.

Well, I hope you’ll return tomorrow for this week’s Word of the Week. Got questions, leave them in the comments below. TTNF!





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