Mystery Monday: 6/12/17

Hello and welcome to the start of a new week. This week went by pretty fast. For one of my classes, I have to have my own pair of safety goggles. I decided that I was going to go over to the bookstore at school on Friday and a buy a pair. Well, that didn’t happen. I looked at my phone, and 22News posted that there was a gas leak on campus. I said “No thanks. I can wait.” Saturday was the Wheel Walk at Stanley Park. The weather stayed pretty nice. Sunday night was the concert also at Stanley Park. It was hot on Sunday, and very sunny as well. And that brings us to today, Monday! Mondays are days of mystery, and for today I search through the images on my phone for something random. Today’s picture is one I took of a page in one of my textbooks. The picture is a picture of an organism that has these long hairlike appendages called fimbriae. According to the caption under the picture, the fimbriae enable prokaryotes to attach to surfaces and other cells. I don’t know why, but I like this picture. It looks very neon like.


Anywho, TTNF! I will see you tomorrow.


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