Wordy Wednesday: 6/7/17 (A day late…)

Hello. Yesterday was Wednesday, and I had forgotten to post the Word of the Week. I apologize for that. I was busy studying for class. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m going to be taken 3 classes this summer, one of which started on Monday. The other two start in July. I have my first quiz for the class tonight.

So anyway, the word of the week is…


According to the dictionary I am using, Kepi is a cap with a flat, round top and stiff visor, and is usually worn by French soldiers. Wikipedia says this type of hat is also worn with French police uniforms, and in North America is associated with the American Civil War. Wikipedia says both sides during the American Civil War used to wear them. Below are some pictures.


This is a French Army Kepi.



This is General Boulanger wearing a Kepi. 


Pictures are from Wikipedia. Just so you know…

Anywho, I will see you all back here tomorrow for my main post of the week. TTNF!


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