Mystery Monday: 6/5/17

Hey! Welcome to Monday! Today is the first Monday of June! Woohoo! Yesterday’s concert at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA was canceled, so don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. As of right now, next Sunday is looking pretty good. Sunny, 80 degrees and a 0% chance of rain, but we all know that could change. Let’s hope not. This summer I’m taking three classes, and one of them starts tonight. I am already ready having some anxiety, and class hasn’t even started yet.

I never know what to share with you on Mondays. It’s always a mystery. I guess that’s why I decided on calling them Mystery Mondays. Last week I posted a picture I took from a few years ago. What did you guys think about it? Did any of you try googling the article about Elvis? I don’t know. I think today I will post my top favorite songs from Disney movies. These will be in no particular order. They’re just numbered because I like numbered lists.

  1. Try Everything – Zootopia 
  2. Kick It Up A Notch – Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension
  3. Let It Go – Frozen 
  4. Mother Knows Best – Tangled 
  5. Be Prepared – Lion King 
  6. The Gospel Truth – Hercules
  7. The Boys are Back – High School Musical 3
  8. Wouldn’t Change a Thing – Camp Rock 2 
  9. The Climb – Hannah Montana the Movie
  10. Something About the Sunshine – StarStruck

I think I’ll stop there at 10 as this list could get very long. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a DIY/ How To. As always, TTFN!


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