It’s Friday!

Hello! I’m glad to see you all back here for Friday! Congratulations on making it through the week. Nothing much has happened this week. This week you are in for a treat. A never before seen excerpt from one of my soon to be completed novels. This is a novel I started for National Novel Writing Month in 2015. This one was actually a rewrite of a short story I wrote, which can be found on For today, I figured I post the summary and the

Title: Wal-Mart: A Dangerous Place


Kevin was just a regular to a certain Walmart. All that changed one day when he met a fellow named Greg. Greg looked like your “average Joe”, with one hell of a tragic back story. One tragic incident after another, all that leads up to one man’s life being put in jeopardy… and a few others, of course, and a possible life sentence.


It all started when I went to Grandma’s store for the first time since my family moved back home, and come to find out, it’s not even technically her store. My Great Great Grandma started the store awhile back way before any of us were even thought about. I always knew there was something strange about the store, I just couldn’t quite figure it out. Out behind the back of the store there is a kind of deep forest. You know the kind you would see in movies were someone is being chased through them, trying desperately to get away from what is chasing them. They really weren’t all that spooky, even at night, there was nothing terribly scary about them. A lot of the trees towards the middle of the forest was old, and once in a great while, you could hear them falling into the brush below them.

Grandma had walked us out to the back were the forest is. It was me and a bunch of other kids from around town. I really didn’t know them all that well, but it seemed like it was tradition to come out to the woods and listen to Grandma tell stories. Some of which I doubt even happened, but she says they’re as true as can be. I know my Grandma all too well, and I highly doubt she would tell anyone something that wasn’t true.

My Grandma is very special in our town. She is the oldest of the old. The is technically known as the high elder of the town, but she doesn’t seem to think so. There are people here who look older than her, but they say she’s the oldest. She doesn’t believe them, never have, probably never will. Grandma is one of those sweet, cute little old ladies with curly gray hair that has a small slouch to her when she walks, and she uses a short gray cane with a black soft grip handle and a black rubber foot on the bottom, so it doesn’t slip. She always when some kind of long dress. Today she happened to have on a dark brown color dress, and black sturdy shoes. She has many colors of dresses from black to brown to even green, red and dark blue. She has a slight shuffle to her walk that might be caused by how her back is curling over from slouching all the time. Grandma is one of the most trusted people in town. She is very helpful when someone doesn’t know which herb to buy to help heal their sick aunt.  She is very knowledgeable about the many things in the store, even the frog legs and what their usage is. There are many things you can buy in the store, but I think the most random and strangest of them all, aside from the frog legs, is definitely the shrunken heads used for some kind of strange voodoo or another. I never truly understand what they were for, except to look spooky, of course.

Grandma walked us all out through the woods. There were a lot of fallen trees toward the center. That’s just like how I mentioned it before. You could tell that this forest has been around for centuries, just by looking at the rings of the trees that had fallen. They probably been here since my Great Great Grandma opened the store. As we walked through the woods, a small open area covered with dry leaves, and there were logs laid about around a small ditch in the ground.

Grandma instructed us all to sit down on the logs. She slowly walked behind a group of low standing bushes. All we could see was her bending over. When she stood up, she had a stack of twigs and brush. She brought it over and placed it in the small ditch. She reached in to her pocket, and fiddled around for something. When she pulled her hand out, she has a lighter. Grandma bent down, and flicked her finger across the lighter. The first time she did it, nothing happened. She tried again, and yet still nothing. Not even a spark. She shook the lighter a bit, and she tapped it on the palm of her hand, and flicked it again. This time there was a small flash and a fire appeared on the top of the lighter. She held it down by the leaves and small twigs. Soon a little bit of smoke started to fill the air. As the smoke increased, so did the fire. Grandma was sitting on her log with her cane right beside her as the flames grew higher and the crackling grew louder.

She stopped and looked around at all of us. “So what story would you all like tho here tonight?” She finally asked us.

I looked around, not a single breath of air was taken amongst the crowd. That was the first thing she’d say tho us all afternoon, really. Well, since we all meet up back at Grandma’s store.

This has never been posted anywhere…. Congratulations on being the first to read it.

Link to the short story —->

TTNF! See you all on Monday!

P.S. The Sunday Night Concert series at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA begins this Sunday 6/4/17 at 6 pm. That’s if they don’t cancel it; there’s a 50% of rain in the afternoon that day. If it rains before it starts and it says pretty heavy, they usually cancel it. Anyway, for more information check out their website —>

P.S.S If they don’t cancel it, I will be there…


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